Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fucking Flock


I've installed this 'fine' piece of software called Flock... A Web2.0 version of Firefox or what ever...

It acted very friendly and offered to import a shit load of settings and bookmarks from Firefox. I agreed.

Then it suggested to use integration. Cool. I agreed.

Then this fucker imported and merged all the bookmarks in wrong folders and mishmashed them with the posts I had in Blarg. That was annoying.. But ok. I removed them all, and decided to reimport just from

And here comes the funny part. Apparently - when I pressed delete on my local bookmarks... It deleted them permanently from aswell! With no confirmation!!!

After getting pissed as hell, I remembered that I imported to Yahoo! MyWeb a couple of days ago. So I decided to save what's possible from them.

So I've used their API to get all my posts. Without using and SOAP/REST whatever, I just copied an URL from ther docs, and changed it a little.

This will return a neatly structured XML of all your bookmarks with their tags.

Then the next step was parsing this data, preparing it, and shipping it off to

Here's when trusty Python comes in:

  • Use ElementTree module to parse the xml using .fromstring method
  • Use PyDeleicious for adding tags

All in all - about 20 lines of code.

So after 10 minutes of mucking around with python code - all my bookmarks are back in place, and Flock is in my permanent SHIT LIST (and I see I am not alone:

This was a public service announcement from Eli Yukelzon. :)

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