Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cleaning up TB.

I received some nice feedback from the TB newsgroup, and here's the changelog as a result:
  1. Fixed post editing
  2. Fixed draft publishing
  3. Fixed spelling
  4. Fixed table names. - it's a breaking change. you'll have to recreate the DB by deleting old tables, and running 'tg-admin sql create ./' . This was necessary to working with other backends, not just SQLite.
  5. First settings are in - you can now select and store default blog, and site admin.
  6. Blog selector - if in Site Dashboard you select 'Blog selector' as a default page, when reaching first page of the site, you'll see the list of all available blogs.
Coming up next - per blog settings editing and search.
If you have suggestions - post them.
You have problems - open tickets.
You fixed bugs - submit patches!


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