Saturday, January 14, 2006

Some more TurboBlog Progress

Oki. So, I've been hacking some more on TurboBlog project. And something came out of it :) First of all, I realised the SQLObject supports Inherited Tables. Which is very cool, and allowed me to subclass TG_User, and merge it with UserDetails, and cut like 20 lines of code with it. Nifty.
I've prettified the login/signup screens, in style of WordPress (hey, I know NOTHING about designing sites...) and cleaned stuff up a bit.
here's how it looks now:
This is main blog index screen, notice the admin panel that appears on top when you logged in with certain permissions. It can either take you to admin section, logout, of post a new entry.

This is the post/comments view screen. For each registered user, avatar is shown.

The already mentioned login screen...

And a sign-up screen, with avatar upload, and... anti-automation-key-code-verification thingie :)

That's it for today. G`Nigh y`all!

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