Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another TurboBlog update

Mkay. Here are some changes I've commited today:

  1. User avatars can now be actually seen

  2. Author details are taken from the db

  3. If only only blog is defined, it's owner is not shown in posts subtitle

  4. rss/atom feeds now work (per blog)

  5. changes needed to work with latest svn version of TG are made

  6. create_db script: this is actully important. after defining your db in dev.cfg run this script. it will create all needed table values and default settings

have fun!


Ferreus said...

# User avatars can no be actually seen
So what is it?
Seen or Not Seen? :)

When do you have time to code?

Sir Reflog said...

my bad. edited.

and since i had almost no coding at work... i fill it in when i get back home ;)