Monday, January 30, 2006

Finishing up the dashboard

Hello there.
Today I've hacked a bit more on the TurboBlog code. Here's what I came up with:
  1. Tag clouds. Yep we have those. One click to turn the list view of tags, into cloud view.
  2. Main page prettyfing. Avatar now looks better, tags are not stuck together
  3. Tag managment is complete (add/remove/rename)
  4. Comment managment is complete (view/mass edit/delete)
Basicly at this point only two main things are missing:
a) Settings (global and per-blog)
b) Search (i should add one on the main page, and activate those in managment parts)

After that, I think we can have a nice 0.1 release ;)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

A newsgroup of TurboBlog

Google Groups TurboBlog
Browse Archives at
I've setup a group for TurboBlog discussions. I'll post change-logs from the SVN, and other related news. Drop by! Technorati Tags: ,

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

pre-alpha of TurboBlog nears!

I've had some nice progress on TurboBlog today, here's what we have:

  • Comment submition fixed
  • Blog add/delete added
  • User add/delete/update added
  • Post creation added (finally!)
  • Admin-topbar revised, now work correctly
If Ksenia keeps in-sync with SVN, you can check all the new stuff live! (hint hint)

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TurboBlog live-site

This is sweet!

Ksenia Marasanova from TG's mailing list was kind enough to provide hosting for live demonstration of TurboBlog.

Check it out LIVE!

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dashboard progress

...and here are some screenshots to prove it...

The user managment:

Post Managment:

Blog overview:

Blog dashboard:

Post editor:

and all these goodies are ofcourse already in the svn.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

...And the work began

Ok. I forced myself to begin working on the Admin section. WP knockoff again:


About two months ago I joined the Yappies around the world and bought myself a 60GB Video iPOD.
Yep, the 5G, black one. But that's not what I wanted to post about. I wanted to post about Podcasts. It's not a new thing, but it gaining momentum these days. Read the Wikipedia, it's insightful as always.
Anyhow, I wanted to share my list of subscriptions, with little descriptions aswell:
  1. Audible Ajax - A show from guys at about all things AJAX, with interviews of the most important developers in this field.
  2. Diggnation - A show hosted by Kevin Rose Alex Albrecht (TechTV guys) about the most popular topics from their social-news site called , is very light and fun show.
  3. Engadget - Very professional show about EVERYTHING that there is to know about coming up gadgets and tech-toys.
  4. Gillmor Gang - Discussions with various influential people of the industry. Can sometimes be dull, but mostly rather interesting.
  5. Inside the Net - Leo and Amber (TechTV) talk about all the new Web2.0 sites and new project buzz around the net.
  6. Infected - A hysterical show by Martin Sargent (Unscrewed). Nothing tech-related, but a good laugh is garantied.
  7. The Web 2.0 Show - As the title says, it's a show about Web 2.0 trends, and has some very interesting guests.
  8. this WEEK in TECH - Called 'Best podcast of 2005', this is another Leo's show with John Dvorak and many other hosts, one of my definite favorites. Very up-to-date stuff.

So there you have it. This is what keeps me occupied on my drive to work. If only I could manage to hard-wire the iPOD into my Honda Civic's radio, and not suffer from that FM transmitter that I have... Oh well.
Till next time,

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Monday, January 16, 2006

ToDo For TurboBlog

  1. Finish the damn admin section (use TinyMCE as post editor)
  2. Add ping reciever and sender
  3. Add trackbacks
  4. Add recent posts to index view sidebar
  5. Add settings dialog to admin, allow to select default blog, or show a blog-list page by default.
  6. Add gravatar support?
  7. Pingbacks are probably out of the question since TurboGears/CherryPy won't work with XMLRPC... Need to check it, though. Silly me. CherryPy has XMLRPC filter. Nifty. Will do pingbacks then :)

What is google thinking???

I just came across this site. This stuff is amazing! Using speech recognition to index and search content of Podcasts! Whe the hell isn't this thing aquired by Google yet?

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Fat Bastard

Since this is actually a blog, and a blog is a place where a person who nobody wants to listen to dumps his ramblings and frustrations, and... Posts pictures of his cat!
That's what I'll do now. I present - Lenny - a.k.a Fat Bastard.

I just had to...

I know I shouldn't post this, because it's politically incorrect, but I couldn't help myself, so here's a link to
Best blond joke ever!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Some more TurboBlog Progress

Oki. So, I've been hacking some more on TurboBlog project. And something came out of it :) First of all, I realised the SQLObject supports Inherited Tables. Which is very cool, and allowed me to subclass TG_User, and merge it with UserDetails, and cut like 20 lines of code with it. Nifty.
I've prettified the login/signup screens, in style of WordPress (hey, I know NOTHING about designing sites...) and cleaned stuff up a bit.
here's how it looks now:
This is main blog index screen, notice the admin panel that appears on top when you logged in with certain permissions. It can either take you to admin section, logout, of post a new entry.

This is the post/comments view screen. For each registered user, avatar is shown.

The already mentioned login screen...

And a sign-up screen, with avatar upload, and... anti-automation-key-code-verification thingie :)

That's it for today. G`Nigh y`all!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

TurboGears guys are at it again...

It's almost impossible to follow all the greate stuff that is going on at the TurboGears group. Configuration was moved to native Python files, which is neat, some patches are coming in to implement Ian's awesome error reporting system as decorators, Jeff's Identity framework now has Visitor Tracking, and magic table autocreation. There's probably more, but it's tough to stack in touch.
Keep it up guys!

Another TurboBlog update

Mkay. Here are some changes I've commited today:

  1. User avatars can now be actually seen

  2. Author details are taken from the db

  3. If only only blog is defined, it's owner is not shown in posts subtitle

  4. rss/atom feeds now work (per blog)

  5. changes needed to work with latest svn version of TG are made

  6. create_db script: this is actully important. after defining your db in dev.cfg run this script. it will create all needed table values and default settings

have fun!

Friday, January 06, 2006

TurboBlog ToDo

Sooo... Now that the cat is out of the bag (was there a bag really?), here are the things that need to be done before it could be called atleast half-baked:
  1. Admin dashboard: for now it has a simple plain page linking to two generic DataControllers for blog/user editing. No settings/posts/tags is available at all.
  2. Login/Logout is somewhat broken. Redirection after the action doesn't work.
  3. Comment posting is allowed only for logged in users.
  4. There is no user-registration page ;)
  5. There is not user-details page (although there are links to it)
  6. No validation on fields. It REALLY needs to be done.
these are the major ones. Most of the other things work rather nicely.

TurboBlog is in da house!

Hello there!
So... After all this talking about TurboGears based blog engines, I had to put some sources out there to back my ideas. So I did.

Here you can browse the SVN.

Don't be too harsh, it should be in rather un-usable state ;)

Before commiting, and I went and redid the whole url scheme that I had using 'slugs'. Probably it broke one or two things.

So, take a look, browse around, and bash me for the ugly code that is in there :)


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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Am I Begin A Goat? A Toasty one?

I've been contacted by Jared and Michele who are working on Toasty goat project together with D.Stanek, with suggestion to see what others are doing in terms of TruboGears powered blog engines. So I went, and took a closer look. All-in-all it's a rather nice project. It is still in a VERY alpha stage, but who am I to judge? I didn't even publish the sources yet for my project :)

Now, about the suggestion of merging the efforts... It's a tough topic to tackle. My experience in Open Source community so far is rather limited one. I actively participated in only one project (PyQlogger) and I was the lead programmer of it, so I could call the shots, and it was rather nice. Being a despot has it's merits :)

So I was browsing the sources, and though I did saw a couple of things that were done better than in my project: variableProviders usage, I didn't even know it existed, validators for forms, which I hesitated to add, slugs (text ids) instead of numeric ids for posts, and nice 'theme-in-a-dir' concept.

On the other hand... The code is very far from the style that I prefer, the methods concerning comments are in the RootController instead of their own one, posts have only one date field and are sorted by it (meaning that If i edit a post I published a day ago, it will pop up in front of my newer posts), the current design is for single-blog, and written with the assumption that it will stay that way, and no Identity management is implemented (but i think this is one of the next steps, coz with Identity Framework of TG it's waaay too easy :) )

Anyhow, I don't want to sound like a wining weasel, and probably I suffer from syndrome that most coders have: "I Can Write Better One" syndrome. At any rate, I do not try to claim that what I am writing will be better, it's just modeled a bit differently. I cannot claim anything actually, until I publish my sources so people can judge for themselves...

So, time will tell, and for now - to Jared and the ToastyGoat team: keep up the good job!

Hope I don't get flamed too much for this post :)

Monday, January 02, 2006

some shots

Here are some screen shots to prove the progress :)

I know that they aren't that exciting, but hey - it's supposed to look just like a regular blog, no?


Hi there.
This is a little something that kept me occupied for a while now. Like a month back I got back into checking the hype around AJAX (i've posted about this a while ago). I've started to check it out with the Ruby On Rails project but kinda dropped it for two reasons: I didn't get into Ruby that much, still prefering Python, and I didn't have any project to apply it to. Two weeks ago I was asked at my work to code a little in-house monitoring app for our servers, and I decided to check out what's out there in the Python field for coding this. So, I came across project called TurboGears, which is a Mega-Framework. Actually, it's a glue on a slew of awesome Web development projects already available in Python - Kid, SQLObject, CherryPy and MochiKit. I won't dive into much details, but each project is very mature and very well documented with VERY active communities which I totally dig. So I've coded that app, and it took me around one day or so! I was totally amazed by it. Here's a quote from my post to TurboGears newgroup:
Good day, All. Just wanted to share my regards for this great product you've all been working on! I was required to develop a small in-house monitoring solution for our servers for the support team, and I used TurboGears for it. The basic outline of the project was done in about 20 minutes, the actual monitoring code - additional 20 minutes (since Python is my language of choice), css styling of the site - minutes, implementation of access control, using Jeff's excellent Identity framework, another 20 minutes, adding awesome eye-candy ajax enabled, full-blown grid control from Ronald's CatWalk - another 20 minutes. Polishing, hooking up Postgres DB instead of SQLite - 20 more. All in all - a full blown, slick, fast product - 2 hours of fun work.
Yup, that was really fun. Lately I had some more time to fiddle with TurboGears, and I talked with awesome guys at the newsgroup (including Kevin Dagnoor), so I picked up another rather popular topic to implement - a Blog engine. I call it TruboBlog (yes, my originality shines yet again) and it's a total WordPress knock-off. It already has everything except the Admin section:
  • Multiple Blogs
  • Multiple Users
  • Complex permissions system (defines what logged in user can or cannot do, like: post, comment, moderate comments, admin the site)
  • Comments (with features like: add comment, edit comment in-place (using AJAX), approving comment in place (AJAX aswell)
  • Post archives (by any format) with browsing
  • Post tags (can add tags to posts in-place (AJAX again)), and browsing by tags
  • Templates (using Kid engine). It's rather tedious, but still way better than the Word Press PHP style.
After I finish up the admin section of the engine, I'll release the sources. It's a rather hackish project, but maybe someone will find it interesting to poke with it. I just hope I find enough time to polish it a little.