Saturday, January 29, 2005

Look what the cat dragged in!

Lookie, lookie. What's that?

Oh yeah, we have an online spell checker now! Works really smooth, btw ;)

It was quite a pain making Scintilla do what I wanted it to do, but in the end - very rewarding. Anyhow, because I think it's a rather usefull feature, I'll make it permanent in the code, not a plugin. Plus we'll bundle the ASpell bindings with PyQLogger. (it should also work on windows, btw)

Oh, and btw, since I was very impressed with some Flash demos I've been seeing lately, I plan to use VNC2SWF to create some introductionary shows of PyQLogger. It should be ready before the 2.0 release.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Plugins commited!

Ok. Let's see what I've got for you today... Tons of commits today, lots of code went in... Plugins are in! Take a look at the screenshots (click to zoom):

This is the Plugins tab in Settings dialog. Plugins can be enabled/disabled and configured.
Here's how the usual configuration for plugin would look like:

Now here's the tricky part. The stuff that you see as Plugin Properties is actually generated when the dialog is shown, based on plugin's internal structure. Each plugin defines what types of options it want's to use. Then all the settings are stored in central XML file in ~/.pyqlogger

Next step - rewrite the ToolbarManager to load the default buttons, so we'll get all the basic functionality in place.

Anyhow, it's going rather well, hope I'll be able to finish it before my next semester...

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

WiKi Redesigned

Today I've decided that pyqlogger's wiki is designed rather poorly. Plus it missed the main point - to draw attention to the program.

So i've redesigned it. All the main sections can be reached from navigation bar at the side, and at the main page you'll get all the new developments from PyQLogger front. Enjoy.

oh, and i dunno if i've mentioned this before, but Livejournal support is completly functional in the trunk! Yeppie.

And one last thing. The nice folk over at WingWare granted me a free license for their excelent WingIDE Pro. Huge thanks to you, guys!

This logo can now be seen at the Wiki

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Some slow progress

Howdy y'all. Today I'll treat you to some screenshots of new dialogs from PyQLogger 2.0. Yes there is such a beast! And the first drafts are coming along quite nicely. First of all, here's the login dialog (notice the new logo, made by Xander):

Here the user can select different accounts for different blog providers (Blogger/LJ/MT and etc)

Now we have the first draft of the settings dialog:

For this dialog, user can add more account, or modify existing ones, load/unload/configure plugins and control the way GUI behaves.

And a little something for the end, Account Settings dialog:
I think it's rather self explaining.
Now about the design of the 2.0 version.

  1. It's not AtomAPI only client anymore. Other backend will be available.
  2. At first I plan to implement MetaWeblog protocol (over XMLRPC) and LiveJournal
  3. The configuration is moved to XML, in the most dynamic way - XMLObject. Now the classes serialize them selves. Very modern :)
  4. The approach of subclassing is thrown away. Now I work with QWidgetFactory. As a result - size of code slashed in half (since we don't supply generated .py stub classes, but just .ui xml descriptions) and loading times are much better. Plus the development cycle is shorter. And if you are a real freak, you can open .ui in Qt Designer and move the buttons around, change the UI to the way you like it.
  5. There are many more ideas for the new version. Take a look at the TODO page in the WiKi and tell us what you think!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Major slowdown.

Good day, all.

Sorry for complete lack of updates, but things have been really with Real Life™.
There was a version cut-off at work, and I’ve been working on it 12 hours a day, which leaves me with very little time for PyQLogger. But the designes for the new version are almost done, and I will publish the UML‘s on the WiKi as soon as possible.

That’s it for now,
Keep it real.

Oh yes, almost forgot. If any of my reader is in touch with packagers of Linux distro's, I would be very interested in getting PyQLogger shipped with them. Because I don't really know how the whole process of getting accepted in the distor works, I'm kinda clueless here, but I do think that having PyQLogger shipped with some major linux distro would bring much more attention to the program. For example, I've looked at the state of the Drivel which is considered a serious GTK client for Blogging... And what can I say... Without bragging, Drivel has NOTHING on PyQLogger. Seriously... And i really wish more people would see that.