Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More firefox goodies

Hi there.

So, lately, with the release of Firefox 1.5 some fresh and neat extensions popped up. These two I found out to be very useful:

Performancing - a sweet in-browser blogging platform. How cool is that? If I had it 2 years back, I would'nt have even started to write PyQLogger. It is small, fast, right-where-you-need-it tool, and I am posting this entry with it! Highly recommended.

Foxmarks - a long-awaited bookmarks syncing extension. I use Firefox in 3 places - Work, Home (WinXP), Home (Linux). And in each one I add or remove bookmarks. Keeping them in-sync is essential. And that's what this extension does. It provides with some ftp space to store the bookmarks and syncs/merges/updates the bookmarks. Sweet!

And couple of new sweets from the Greasemonkey front, from site, including Color-Coding for labels (very usefull) and more keyboard macros, like 't' for trashing the mail, 'r' for marking mails as read. Nifty!

Firefox still proves to be THE web-platform.

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