Monday, February 07, 2005

PyQLogger update dose

New UI for main screen

Here button text is not shown, and you can see the status bar.

Now apparently, some people like text under buttons, so now it's possible to enable it as well:

Here you can see the text under the buttons, the status bar is hidden, together with the panel with the posts (it's collapsed to left side)

I'm still not quite sure I like this new design, but i'm getting used to it. In other news, three new plug-ins were created:

  1. Code paste plug-in. Using code2html program, you can now paste colored source code
  2. reST plug-in. Since it's a python program, and there are lots of Python freaks who like blogging in reStructuredText format, I've whipped a quick plug-in that works with it as-well.
  3. Textile tags plug-in. As a test for 'Menu plug-in' type, i've made this puppy, which helps me write Textile text by providing almost the same functions as the main toolbar.

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