Thursday, January 13, 2005

Some slow progress

Howdy y'all. Today I'll treat you to some screenshots of new dialogs from PyQLogger 2.0. Yes there is such a beast! And the first drafts are coming along quite nicely. First of all, here's the login dialog (notice the new logo, made by Xander):

Here the user can select different accounts for different blog providers (Blogger/LJ/MT and etc)

Now we have the first draft of the settings dialog:

For this dialog, user can add more account, or modify existing ones, load/unload/configure plugins and control the way GUI behaves.

And a little something for the end, Account Settings dialog:
I think it's rather self explaining.
Now about the design of the 2.0 version.

  1. It's not AtomAPI only client anymore. Other backend will be available.
  2. At first I plan to implement MetaWeblog protocol (over XMLRPC) and LiveJournal
  3. The configuration is moved to XML, in the most dynamic way - XMLObject. Now the classes serialize them selves. Very modern :)
  4. The approach of subclassing is thrown away. Now I work with QWidgetFactory. As a result - size of code slashed in half (since we don't supply generated .py stub classes, but just .ui xml descriptions) and loading times are much better. Plus the development cycle is shorter. And if you are a real freak, you can open .ui in Qt Designer and move the buttons around, change the UI to the way you like it.
  5. There are many more ideas for the new version. Take a look at the TODO page in the WiKi and tell us what you think!

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