Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Major slowdown.

Good day, all.

Sorry for complete lack of updates, but things have been really with Real Life™.
There was a version cut-off at work, and I’ve been working on it 12 hours a day, which leaves me with very little time for PyQLogger. But the designes for the new version are almost done, and I will publish the UML‘s on the WiKi as soon as possible.

That’s it for now,
Keep it real.

Oh yes, almost forgot. If any of my reader is in touch with packagers of Linux distro's, I would be very interested in getting PyQLogger shipped with them. Because I don't really know how the whole process of getting accepted in the distor works, I'm kinda clueless here, but I do think that having PyQLogger shipped with some major linux distro would bring much more attention to the program. For example, I've looked at the state of the Drivel which is considered a serious GTK client for Blogging... And what can I say... Without bragging, Drivel has NOTHING on PyQLogger. Seriously... And i really wish more people would see that.

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