Wednesday, December 29, 2004

We've got listed!

My Google Alert on PyQLogger brought something new today, apparently we've listed at FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory. And that is rather cool!
To see the entry [click here]

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Pleased customer :)

Ok. I know that being vain is bad, but it's very nice to hear good words about the job you are doing. This is quoted from Sharon Kimble's Blog
One thing that I really do like when working on linux is the ability to talk to the program developers about their program and any problems that I'm having with it. A case in point is a program called PyQLogger where I was having problems getting my previously posted entries from my already published blog. Through emails we set up a conversation using Instant Messenger, where the programmer [Eli] was able to talk me through various things, and when I hit a problem he was obviously trying it out at his end because he hit exactly the same problem. I learnt a whole lot more about his program, how to do various things, and he learnt that there was a problem within his program.

The end result is that he has today put out a new version of his program, just over twenty-four hours after our conversation via IM. And the new version seems to have solved the problem too. :)

But, this is not the only example of me contacting a programs author with some difficulty or problem, and they re-looked at their program and/or code, and made some changes. Now, if you were using the most widespread Operating System in the world (i.e. MicroSoft) and other programs on it, do you honestly believe if you emailed a programs author with difficulties or problems that they would even answer you let alone change their program? From my experience, I think not!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy hollidays, everybody!

I couldn't help it. Although I'm not a holliday person, I feel this was asked for, so: Merry X-Mas People!

And Happy Hanukkah!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I am sick

sickAnd not in some metaphorical way. I am plain old sick.My throat hurts, and my eyes burn... And life sux in general... Oh well.

Today the branching of PyQLogger code was done. There is a stable-1.x branch, which was made of code, and we'll use it for bug fix releases, if those will be needed.

The second branch is 2.0 - trunk. This is the testbed for new developments. It will take some time until the first beta of 2.0 is released... We have many ambitious plans for it. I already wrote a complete network async backend using QT's network modules, and Xander drawn and took time to describe the scheme for Multiple blogs and account. After that we have huge plans for new configurable and extendable plugins... And some other stuff.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Patching up.

Mkay. The 1.3.3 was a fiasco on my side. It was rather popular (according to downloads), but very low-quality. I had to re-upload the tarball 3 times because of Major fuckups.

Today to address some more issues, and to add some clarity to the problems, I'm releasing the first bug fix release. Most work here was done by Xander, he even tried to make my code look a bit cleaner. That will take much effort on his part :)

There ain't no major changes in this version,except proper command line handling. All other stuff are just bug fixes. It's highly recommended to upgrade.

For me, on the agenda for future releases are:

  • Make all network operations Qt aware, and add progress bars for them
  • Create a whole new plugin system, with lots and lots of new features :)

In other news... I've been fiddling with new MSN offerings, i.e. beta MSN Search, Desktop Search and MSN Spaces. Here are some thoughts:

  • I will not use Desktop Search. Period. I was very disappointed with Google Desktop, and I’m even more disappointed with MSN‘s. They are limited , unextendable and totally pointless for someone who’s not a Microsoft fan, meaning – I don’t use Internet Explorer, I don’t use MS Office, I don’t use MSN Messenger and god forbid, i DO NOT use any Outlooks. So basicly, MSN Desktop Search can’t find s**t for me!
  • I will try using MSN Search. It has some interesting results as an alternative to all mighty Google. The interface is very un-obtrusive and very un-microsoft ;) which is a good thing
  • I’ve setup a test Msn space to play around. The blog setup, and picture upload are awesome. The lack of template editing sucks. Many bugs (i.e profile showing doesn’t work). Works very badly in Linux and Firefox (oh god, what a surprise!). And doesn’t support Atom API – so it’s not interesting for me. At all.

Currently listening to: NAS - The Genesis
Ok. That's it for now, go get a fresh bugfix release, and play nice!

Cheers, reflog

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

1.3.3 Released!

Good day.

Today we’ve release a major upgrade to PyQLogger. Here’s what changed:

  • New configuration system. The settings are stored in human readable INIformat. Fully backwards compatible. (Xander)
  • Optional KDE Support. If PyKDE is available, you’ll be treated to full-blown KHTML based post preview, tray icon and dcop interface. If not – nothing is changed. (thanks Detliev (eric3) for the idea)
  • Option QScintilla support. If QScintilla is available, it will be used instead of default ugly post editor. Antialiased fonts are bonus :)
  • PyQLogger is now more distribution friendly. It installs .desktop file, so now it should appear in Network menu in gnome/kde. Until we have a proper icon, I’m using kedit’s
  • Some minor bugfixes

Get the release from project’s home page and please take time to vote for it on

Monday, December 13, 2004

Some progress

Good day!

First of all, here’s the progress on PyQLogger:

  1. Kde is in. Tray Menu, KHTML Preview and DCOP. Fear!
  2. QScintilla is in. Optional ofcourse. It’s transparent aswell.
  3. Better fonts for editor control (hopefully this will work) with anti aliasing
  4. New plain text, human readable config files, courtesy of Xander
  5. Image insert dialog now supports upload and automatic thumbnail generation

And that’s it for now… Hopefully I’ll pack a 1.3.3 release today. We’ll see how it goes.

Now, in other news, I am starting to get scared of Google. They become to DARN good at what they do. :-S

Their last spawn called Google Suggest is absolutly amazing.

Ofcourse, some one immidiatly wipped a fresh Python module called PyGoogleSuggest that will return a list of suggestions per word request. Amazing again.
The only thing that would make this even MORE amazing, is that if someone would be able to build this into Firefox's search bar. Oh yes!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Qt/Kde sweetness

Coupla days ago a new snapshot of Eric3 was published. In it’s changelog I found an interesting line:

added some dialog wrappers that make eric use KDE dialogs, if
KDE and PyKDE are installed

And I was like – WTF? Why didn’t I think of that? So in a few minutes I was ripping through Eric’s code in frenzy. Ten minutes later – I had first results

Now, what does it mean for an end user? The following:

  • If you don’t have PyKDE or KDE installed – nothing will change. You won’t even notice the new features
  • If KHTML can be initialised, the ugly QTextBrowser used for preview is replaced with full blown KHtml based previewer.
  • If DCOP can be initialised, then the user get a very sweet remote control over PyQLogger1
  • A very nice tray applet is added, with menu items for basic actions

I might add more as I come along…

1 Here are the things you can do with DCOP at this point:

command: ~~~~~~ dcop pyqlogger-28190 PyQLogger result: ~~~~ QCStringList interfaces() QCStringList functions() void newpost() void setPostTitle(QString) QString getPostTitle() QString getPostText() void preview() void setPostText(QStringList) command: ~~~~~~ dcop pyqlogger-28190 PyQLogger getPostTitle result: Qt/Kde sweetness

And etc! Use your imagination :-P

Monday, December 06, 2004

Busy day. Busy day!

Oki doki. Finally some news!
The main reason for this update is Xander. His interest in PyQLogger revived my interest, and now you can reap the results :-)
Here's what was done today:

  1. New plugin created (together with Xander) to add ‘Now listening to..’ line to the post
  2. New release complete 1.3.2 (visit the usual place)
  3. A WiKi has been setup. I didn’t have much time to fill it with info, but pay it a visit anyway. It’s here.
  4. The project was added to freshmeat, and now waiting to be announced!

Now how's that for one day? ;-) Anyway, more to come! Xander is working on new configuration system for PyQLogger, which will allow a human-readable config files, and maybe some per-plugin configuration, and I will do my best to finish the Image Upload thingie.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

SuSe Packages.

Couple of days ago, I've setup a Google-Alert for any new PyQLogger related pages, and today it came up with this:
Guru's RPM Site
Guru's RPM Site Home » Packages » Network » pyqlogger.
Someone by name of Pascal Bleser aka Guru, took his time to prepare SuSe packages for PyQLogger, PyOSD and FeedParser. Very cool!
If anyone prepares any more packages for other distros, I'll be more than happy to post them at BerliOS and announce here, but please keep me posted! :-)

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Some ramblings.

Finally, the weekend nears! This week seemed like it wound never end... Oh well. Last week I wrote two interesting tools for one of my college courses, one is a pure Python implementation of GNU GetText. Extraction and replacemeny of localized strings and etc, and the other one is Digital Watermarking of executables. Written in Python aswell. (god, i love this language (U)) When I'll finish and submit those projects I'll publish them, with some sort of article, maybe someone will find them educational.
NB. The smiley added above was posted using my Smiley plugin for PyQLogger :-[

Hmm... What else... Oh. I had a rather interesting experience with Linux distros lately. I've never considered myself a linux guru, but always thought that I find my way with any kind of linux machine. Lately I had to (don't ask why) install a Linux From Scratch type of distro. It was very educational... But... After you installed it, and became all smart and linux-savvy, you are left with barebone system, which needs to get filled somehow. So you try to compile some app. It requires 10 libs... You know the story. Anyway, there IS a certain reason why systems like RPM, APT and Portage where invented.

So, after compiling and downloading and compiling and downloading... I decided - fuck em. So i went and did an interesting trick. I installed Portage over my LFS. With help from Gentoo's forums, It took me 2 hours to create a fresh working almost-gentoo system. Sweet! :-D

Minor PyQLogger release 1.3.1

Just wanted to notify those who are interested, that a new minor release of PyQLogger is available :) This one has new plugin called Smiley Add, and two new dialogs - Insert Image and Insert Url.
Insert Image is not complete yet, but basic functionality is already there.
More info about the new plugin (it's rather cool...) can be found it README_PLUGINS file.

P.S. Oh yeah. It can be found here: PyQLogger Project Page

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Small updates

Good day!
One fellow Pythoner and Blogger by name of Xander Soldaat did some nice patching and feature adding on PyQLogger which made me want to work a little bit on the project again. It's the guilt. I can't take it :)
Anyway, I will be preparing new release soon with the features added by Xander and myself, which include two new dialogs for adding Urls and Images, plus I think to add a Smiley plugin...
Btw, if u use this PyQLogger for your blog, please consider adding this button:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

I know that it's ugly, but i have absolutely NO artistic skills :(