Thursday, September 30, 2004

Some PyThoughts

After releasing PyQLogger I've reached the following conclusions:
  • Python community is very active. The release had drawn 200 hits to my blog in one day, wheres my Shlogger release on GotDotNet brought one person :) This is very comforting and encouraging
  • None of the people who came to the blog (or snached the release from PyPI) have actually tried using it :) Or maybe they tried, failed, and didn't care enough to report bugs to me. How do I know that? Well, after coming home, and reopening the release, I realized that there were about 5 very critical bugs, and few annoying ones. Plus I forgot to make a normal startup file, so the users had to guess and execute MainForm_Impl. Very unproffesional on my side, but it was just a first try. (not only at packaging. this is really my first Python program and first ever GUI program under Linux)
  • Coding is fun, getting response for your work is even more fun - too bad that didn't happen.
  • In next two days I'll prepare a cleaner, proper release 1.1 with all the fixes.
  • Thanks to David Boddie from PyKDE mailing list, I will provide a more fine-tuned Syntax Highlighting aswell. I've dropped QScintilla to minimize dependancies as much as possible. (I'm still dreaming on porting this thing back to *NDOWS)

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

PyQLogger 1.0 Released!

To make news short: PyPI: PyQLogger 1.0
Name: PyQLogger
Version: 1.0
Author: reflog
Author email: reflog at gmail com
Home page:
Download URL:
Summary: PyQLogger: PyQt Blogger Client
Description: PyQT Client for usign Atom API. Requires pyosd, pyqt Uses xmltramp, feedparser

And a link

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Little changes

Sup. Just wanted to drop a few lines here...
  • First of all I've added a link to since I'm using this awesome service myself now, and think anyone who's into reading blogs MUST see it.
  • To represent my new interest in Python I've changed the Blog's description :)
And to those who consider trying this language I highly suggest two tools.
  • First is an IDE called Eric3 and could be found here. It's way better than some commercial IDEs I've tried, very fast and has full support for PyQT.
  • Another tool is IPython. It's an interactive Python shell, which is highly useful when you want to try snippets of code and just browse class-structure. Two thumbs up. You can find it here


Some more notes:
  • There will be no WYSIWYG editing in PyQLogger. Period. I ate enough shit with it in Shlogger.
  • The will be syntax color editor. I'm using QScintilla for it. Awesome.
  • All plugin buttons will get a separate Toolbar page
  • All plugins and toolbar items will get a separate copy in context menu
  • OSD messages are done. yeppie.

PyQLogger Screenshot

PyQLogger Screenshot
Originally uploaded by Eli Yukelzon.
Mkay, Here's how it looks like. Pretty, eh? I think it looks better than Shlogger. Plus I plan not to add StatusBar, but instead display all messages in OnScreenDisplay. Nifty.

1..2..3 Is this on?


If all goes well, this would be the first post from my new toy called PyQLogger, which is basicly a Shlogger rewrite in Python and QT. The core is already usable, and I am quite please with it. What is completly missing at this point is the plugin system, which will be done differently than in Shlogger.

I'll post the first screenshot soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Firefox - spread the fire!

Get Firefox! I've decided to give a hand to an awesome campaign. I'm a heavy supporter of this great browser and wish all the luck to it's developers!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Mono is dull

Yeah, ok, I knew this would happen... To quote my self:

 This is very ambitious since I haven't written a single app in Gtk, but this could be a nice challenge. Most likely my enthusiasm will die down soon, but it's worth a shot.

So anyway, I've wrote like 10 pages of Mono/Gtk/Glade/Linux/Windows tutorial with all the details that I've came across and the just said to my self - FUCK IT.

  • It's not interesting.
  • Not exciting.
  • Very bad for mental health.
  • And why the hell am I doing it?

I am officially off Mono. Until it's a complete port of .NET over to Linux, I am NOT touching it. That's it.

The tutorial plan is off, and I viciously removed Mono from all my PCs, and it felt... Well, rather liberating

But, since I cannot stay with no project at hand, I threw myself at Python. It's a very interesting alternative to my all-time favorite Perl. It allow to write a very neat and clean code, has very object oriented design, and (a BIG plus for me) has a nifty set of IDEs and toolkits created for it. Anyway, right now I am porting Perl's module Term::Shell to Python. They have a similar module in the distribution called but it's very function-limited and doesn't have all the features of the latter. So I've converted all the code (I like learning new languages this way) and now busy bug-squashing

So, expect more from me, rambling on this new toy of mine

Nother Shlogger plugin

Oki. Today decided to revive Shlogger a little, so I've made a little additional plugin, called Taglines.

It allows to add some one-liner to the post's body. For now I've added 3 types of taglines:

  1. WMP/iTunes Listening to
  2. Foobar Listening to
  3. Random Quote

And now to show off, here it is:

Now listening to: Royce Da 5'9 - [Death Is Certain #08] Gangsta Ft. Cutty Mack

So, there it is. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A Domain

Howdy. I've received a nice offer, so now this blog can be reached at this shortcut: Nifty, eh?

Sunday, September 05, 2004


Ok. To keep the flood of post in blogsphere about Gmail i'll post my 2c on the issue.

1st. Thumbs Up

a) Speed. Overall performance of the site is REALLY impressive. The whole open post/read/archive process is lightning fast. Flipping through messages is a breese. Plus, no un-needed graphic buttons/ads/crap, so everything loads very smoothly.

b) Interface. Finally a real exploitation of the DHTML in webmail! Address auto-completion is absolutely beautiful, the Spell Checker is really sweet (and keyboard controlled), the Grouped Conversation view is just perfect for keeping all corespondence relevant intact. A+

c) Size. Well. 1GB. Nough Said.

d) Ads. Can't beleive I'm voting for this, but... The AdSense in GMail is just awesome. It's probably the only type of advertisment I've seen on the web that I didn't add to my AdBlock list :) Having information directly linked to the mail I receive is an awesome advantage. And to those weirdos talking about gmail-is-too-creepy and etc... Open your eyes! Every mail you get is run through your ISP, or through Hotmail or any other webservice. The only reason nobody is talking about 'mails being screened' is because nobody knows! If the 'Big Brother' would want to read your mails... They would. So relax. The only way GMail is different from any other webmail in this sense, is that it visualizes the fact that mails are open ;)

e) Tools. Not really Gmail's 'fault', but... The geeks re-united and created lots of nifty tools. The main one I'm using is the GMail notifier extension for Firefox. Absolutely sweet.

f) Geekness. Gmail is uber-cool right now. The whole invitation thingie was a perfect publicity stunt (I think that was the main reason, not the beta-trial). Every geek on the planet has to catch a good name on GMail. Ph34r.

2nd. Thumbs Down

a) No HTML Mailing. Right now you can only create messages in plain text.

b) Un-Clear Spam checking. The way of spam recognition is very vague, plus when you select a mail as spam, it goes to 'Probable Spam' list, instead of being thrown into trash.

c) Annoying 'Delete'. Gmail's policy about the 'Delete' function is really obtrusive. "Never delete your mail. Archive, don't delete" and etc. It takes WAY too many steps to delete a mail. This is annoying.

d) Plain Filtering. Filtering system is VERY raw and VERY basic. What I would REALLY want to see here is implementation of something like an awesome open source project called POPFile, which uses Baysian learning system to automatically filter your mail, according to previous studing period. I've added this suggestion to GMail, but unfortunatly I seriously doubt that they will consider it.

Anyway, generally, I'm a happy camper and trying to move all my mail to my GMail account. Plus, having some invites, I'm starting to get my buds hooked aswell.

I sencirly hope that GMail will not stop at it's current state, and will utilize all the feedback from beta-testers to make it even better than now.