Thursday, December 02, 2004

Some ramblings.

Finally, the weekend nears! This week seemed like it wound never end... Oh well. Last week I wrote two interesting tools for one of my college courses, one is a pure Python implementation of GNU GetText. Extraction and replacemeny of localized strings and etc, and the other one is Digital Watermarking of executables. Written in Python aswell. (god, i love this language (U)) When I'll finish and submit those projects I'll publish them, with some sort of article, maybe someone will find them educational.
NB. The smiley added above was posted using my Smiley plugin for PyQLogger :-[

Hmm... What else... Oh. I had a rather interesting experience with Linux distros lately. I've never considered myself a linux guru, but always thought that I find my way with any kind of linux machine. Lately I had to (don't ask why) install a Linux From Scratch type of distro. It was very educational... But... After you installed it, and became all smart and linux-savvy, you are left with barebone system, which needs to get filled somehow. So you try to compile some app. It requires 10 libs... You know the story. Anyway, there IS a certain reason why systems like RPM, APT and Portage where invented.

So, after compiling and downloading and compiling and downloading... I decided - fuck em. So i went and did an interesting trick. I installed Portage over my LFS. With help from Gentoo's forums, It took me 2 hours to create a fresh working almost-gentoo system. Sweet! :-D

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