Thursday, December 09, 2004

Qt/Kde sweetness

Coupla days ago a new snapshot of Eric3 was published. In it’s changelog I found an interesting line:

added some dialog wrappers that make eric use KDE dialogs, if
KDE and PyKDE are installed

And I was like – WTF? Why didn’t I think of that? So in a few minutes I was ripping through Eric’s code in frenzy. Ten minutes later – I had first results

Now, what does it mean for an end user? The following:

  • If you don’t have PyKDE or KDE installed – nothing will change. You won’t even notice the new features
  • If KHTML can be initialised, the ugly QTextBrowser used for preview is replaced with full blown KHtml based previewer.
  • If DCOP can be initialised, then the user get a very sweet remote control over PyQLogger1
  • A very nice tray applet is added, with menu items for basic actions

I might add more as I come along…

1 Here are the things you can do with DCOP at this point:

command: ~~~~~~ dcop pyqlogger-28190 PyQLogger result: ~~~~ QCStringList interfaces() QCStringList functions() void newpost() void setPostTitle(QString) QString getPostTitle() QString getPostText() void preview() void setPostText(QStringList) command: ~~~~~~ dcop pyqlogger-28190 PyQLogger getPostTitle result: Qt/Kde sweetness

And etc! Use your imagination :-P


Fabrice said...

omg .... this is getting better every day. Is there a new release coming soon?



Sir Reflog said...

Hi Fabrice.

Sorry for not answering, I didn't realize that I couldn't mail back to blog comment notifications...

Anyway, that's what I wrote to you in mail:

Good day, Fabrice!

It's really interesting that you've mentioned the tray
functionality... Because that's exactly what I've just finished coding
:) I've setup a transparent mode for KDE usage, so If user has kde and
pykde installed, he will get (for free :-) ) a KHTML based post
preview, and a tray icon.

I'll release a 1.3.3 tomorrow probably, to add this feature.

P.s. If i'm not misstaken you're pretty active in the whole
community... Do you know, where can I post request for some artist to
make some logo/icons for PyQLogger? I'm kinda clueless with this
things :)



Fabrice said...

Hi reflog,

Please contact me by email as I have a name of a person you should try to contact who can help for the missing graphics in PyQLogger. She is very much involved with and maybe should could give this app some more exposure to the artists as well.

Kind regards,