Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Pleased customer :)

Ok. I know that being vain is bad, but it's very nice to hear good words about the job you are doing. This is quoted from Sharon Kimble's Blog
One thing that I really do like when working on linux is the ability to talk to the program developers about their program and any problems that I'm having with it. A case in point is a program called PyQLogger where I was having problems getting my previously posted entries from my already published blog. Through emails we set up a conversation using Instant Messenger, where the programmer [Eli] was able to talk me through various things, and when I hit a problem he was obviously trying it out at his end because he hit exactly the same problem. I learnt a whole lot more about his program, how to do various things, and he learnt that there was a problem within his program.

The end result is that he has today put out a new version of his program, just over twenty-four hours after our conversation via IM. And the new version seems to have solved the problem too. :)

But, this is not the only example of me contacting a programs author with some difficulty or problem, and they re-looked at their program and/or code, and made some changes. Now, if you were using the most widespread Operating System in the world (i.e. MicroSoft) and other programs on it, do you honestly believe if you emailed a programs author with difficulties or problems that they would even answer you let alone change their program? From my experience, I think not!

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