Sunday, December 19, 2004

Patching up.

Mkay. The 1.3.3 was a fiasco on my side. It was rather popular (according to downloads), but very low-quality. I had to re-upload the tarball 3 times because of Major fuckups.

Today to address some more issues, and to add some clarity to the problems, I'm releasing the first bug fix release. Most work here was done by Xander, he even tried to make my code look a bit cleaner. That will take much effort on his part :)

There ain't no major changes in this version,except proper command line handling. All other stuff are just bug fixes. It's highly recommended to upgrade.

For me, on the agenda for future releases are:

  • Make all network operations Qt aware, and add progress bars for them
  • Create a whole new plugin system, with lots and lots of new features :)

In other news... I've been fiddling with new MSN offerings, i.e. beta MSN Search, Desktop Search and MSN Spaces. Here are some thoughts:

  • I will not use Desktop Search. Period. I was very disappointed with Google Desktop, and I’m even more disappointed with MSN‘s. They are limited , unextendable and totally pointless for someone who’s not a Microsoft fan, meaning – I don’t use Internet Explorer, I don’t use MS Office, I don’t use MSN Messenger and god forbid, i DO NOT use any Outlooks. So basicly, MSN Desktop Search can’t find s**t for me!
  • I will try using MSN Search. It has some interesting results as an alternative to all mighty Google. The interface is very un-obtrusive and very un-microsoft ;) which is a good thing
  • I’ve setup a test Msn space to play around. The blog setup, and picture upload are awesome. The lack of template editing sucks. Many bugs (i.e profile showing doesn’t work). Works very badly in Linux and Firefox (oh god, what a surprise!). And doesn’t support Atom API – so it’s not interesting for me. At all.

Currently listening to: NAS - The Genesis
Ok. That's it for now, go get a fresh bugfix release, and play nice!

Cheers, reflog

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