Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I am sick

sickAnd not in some metaphorical way. I am plain old sick.My throat hurts, and my eyes burn... And life sux in general... Oh well.

Today the branching of PyQLogger code was done. There is a stable-1.x branch, which was made of code, and we'll use it for bug fix releases, if those will be needed.

The second branch is 2.0 - trunk. This is the testbed for new developments. It will take some time until the first beta of 2.0 is released... We have many ambitious plans for it. I already wrote a complete network async backend using QT's network modules, and Xander drawn and took time to describe the scheme for Multiple blogs and account. After that we have huge plans for new configurable and extendable plugins... And some other stuff.

Stay tuned!

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