Monday, December 06, 2004

Busy day. Busy day!

Oki doki. Finally some news!
The main reason for this update is Xander. His interest in PyQLogger revived my interest, and now you can reap the results :-)
Here's what was done today:

  1. New plugin created (together with Xander) to add ‘Now listening to..’ line to the post
  2. New release complete 1.3.2 (visit the usual place)
  3. A WiKi has been setup. I didn’t have much time to fill it with info, but pay it a visit anyway. It’s here.
  4. The project was added to freshmeat, and now waiting to be announced!

Now how's that for one day? ;-) Anyway, more to come! Xander is working on new configuration system for PyQLogger, which will allow a human-readable config files, and maybe some per-plugin configuration, and I will do my best to finish the Image Upload thingie.

1 comment:

Fabrice said...

You and Xander really kick ass. I have been looking for a blogging tool for some time now. I know that in KDE (what I am using), the next version of KOrganizer will have some kind of blogging tool but I really hope that you will improve PyQLogger.

Currently I use the command "ksystraycmd" to make sure that PyQLogger docks into the KDE systray. Would be cool to have some "standard" docking functionality for all desktops to quickly call this application (and not using the command "ksystraycmd")

Thanx for this cool app and keep on rocking ...