Wednesday, December 15, 2004

1.3.3 Released!

Good day.

Today we’ve release a major upgrade to PyQLogger. Here’s what changed:

  • New configuration system. The settings are stored in human readable INIformat. Fully backwards compatible. (Xander)
  • Optional KDE Support. If PyKDE is available, you’ll be treated to full-blown KHTML based post preview, tray icon and dcop interface. If not – nothing is changed. (thanks Detliev (eric3) for the idea)
  • Option QScintilla support. If QScintilla is available, it will be used instead of default ugly post editor. Antialiased fonts are bonus :)
  • PyQLogger is now more distribution friendly. It installs .desktop file, so now it should appear in Network menu in gnome/kde. Until we have a proper icon, I’m using kedit’s
  • Some minor bugfixes

Get the release from project’s home page and please take time to vote for it on

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