Wednesday, October 06, 2004

GMail new features

Google folks have been hard at work. To quote:
Some features we know you've wanted (and one we should have had all along):
  • Gmail Notifier Want to know if you've got new mail? Let us do the checking so you don't have to. Find out when new messages arrive, and even see their subjects, senders and snippets, all without having to open a web browser.
  • Search your contacts With the new and improved Contacts list, search for a contact as easily as you would a message in Gmail. Add notes and phone numbers. View messages directly from the Contacts list. Stay in touch with the people in your life more easily than ever before.
  • Automatic forwarding to another email account We're testing a new feature that lets you forward new incoming messages to any email account you want. It's free during the test and you can set it up in seconds. Even set up filters to forward only some of your messages. It's your mail. Get it the way you want it.
  • And finally... Save Drafts! For when you can't find the right words, save drafts and find them later.

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