Friday, October 15, 2004

Blogger backup tool

To address the request from this blog's visitor, I'm working on a little tool to accompany PyQLogger. It can be used to backup and restore blogs posts. You supply it your blog's homepage (which is used to get links to archive pages), blogid, username,password (they are used to get the posts) and it parses the pages, gets posts id's, and then stores it all into a file.

Afterwards you can use it's Restore mode to publish all the posts from this file to some other blog. For now it's a command line tool, but I plan to add a gui for it, so you can choose what posts to backup/restore for easier batch mode. After the GUI is made, I'll add it to PyQLogger.

Here's a sample output from the tool:

Blogger backup/restore tool v0.1 by Reflog
>>> Getting archives from http://XXX/
+ Got 2 archives...
>>> Parsing http://XXX_archive.html
+ Got 2 posts
>>> Parsing http://XXX_archive2.html
+ Got 6 posts
>>> Getting posts' content...
* Post ID:109592965255358780
* Post ID:109584571770849575
* Post ID:109757610707240154
* Post ID:109757589840720876
* Post ID:109757582631207808
* Post ID:109679815617951163
* Post ID:109688115038667795
* Post ID:109688037090822849
>> Done!
!!! Content saved to file:1

I'll post first draft of the tool soon.

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