Thursday, October 14, 2004


Good day, all.
Well, I aint sure, but I do think I found a perfect host for my project, and BerliOS. They have all the features that I've needed and did not get at Savannah. The project can be found at:
I've already setup a mailing list, you can add bug reports and feature requests, there are forums, public ftp, Subversion AND CVS, PHP and MySQL, and other nifty things, including a WiKi :)
So far I am VERY pleased. Pay them a visit, very nifty and liberal place.

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Anonymous said...

I also come to BerliOS from Savannah with my project (similar in nature). Really great site with many features. And oh!, they have Subversion! From time to time they have some problems with their cron-based processes (i.e. setting permissions on SVN repositories, permissions propagation to other site machines), but people there are very helpful.

Good luck.

-- Jarek Zgoda