Thursday, October 21, 2004

Pre Release

Mkay. I think PyQLogger 1.3 is pretty ready to be realsed to public. I'll run it tomorrow for a while, and then prepare a build.

I will also package the PyQLogger Plugin package, which for now only contains SpellChecker, but later will include SmileyAdd, Tagline and ImageUpload plugins.

The most annoying thing at this point is the Syntax Highlighting in the editor... It works VERY bad, and I just don't have the energy to fix it. I will. Someday :)
Anyway, for the 1.3.1 release I will prepare the Backup/Restore feature, and build it into the GUI.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Hello again. I was thinking... And I know that this is a long shot, but... Maybe someone is willing to make a logo for PyQLogger? I think it's time to make an about dialog, and I have nothing shiny for it :)
So, if you posses any art skills, be my guest, any form would be just fine, and I'd be very grateful!

Plugins and SpellChecker

Ok. I've managed to whip up a simple plugin system for toolbars. It allows the creation of primitive actions (like the Tags buttons) by using just one method (Factory-like), and also subclassing and creating separate modules in plugins/ directory.

All tag buttons are already became plugins, for things to be more general...
Anh, oh yes, here's a teaser, a screen shot from brand spanking new Spell Checker, which uses ASpell as a backend. It's rather raw for now, but It's usable already :)

Sunday, October 17, 2004

PyQLogger progress

Hi there. The work on PyQLogger is still on. I plan to squash main bugs and implement my basic requested set of features before I release 1.3. Until now there were this changes:
  1. - Fixed the hanging of the application after GUI exit
  2. + Added first draft of Unicode support (post works, fetching does not)
  3. * Web browser for preview now is opened correctly thru module
  4. + In AtomBlog added getPost function
  5. + Blog Backup util started (see previous post)

What does bother me, though, is the Unicode problem. When I post an entry with mixed encoded material (i tried russian and hebrew), it get's posted just great, but in response I get ????? symbols instead of letters. Very discouraging. Ideas anyone?

Friday, October 15, 2004

Blogger backup tool

To address the request from this blog's visitor, I'm working on a little tool to accompany PyQLogger. It can be used to backup and restore blogs posts. You supply it your blog's homepage (which is used to get links to archive pages), blogid, username,password (they are used to get the posts) and it parses the pages, gets posts id's, and then stores it all into a file.

Afterwards you can use it's Restore mode to publish all the posts from this file to some other blog. For now it's a command line tool, but I plan to add a gui for it, so you can choose what posts to backup/restore for easier batch mode. After the GUI is made, I'll add it to PyQLogger.

Here's a sample output from the tool:

Blogger backup/restore tool v0.1 by Reflog
>>> Getting archives from http://XXX/
+ Got 2 archives...
>>> Parsing http://XXX_archive.html
+ Got 2 posts
>>> Parsing http://XXX_archive2.html
+ Got 6 posts
>>> Getting posts' content...
* Post ID:109592965255358780
* Post ID:109584571770849575
* Post ID:109757610707240154
* Post ID:109757589840720876
* Post ID:109757582631207808
* Post ID:109679815617951163
* Post ID:109688115038667795
* Post ID:109688037090822849
>> Done!
!!! Content saved to file:1

I'll post first draft of the tool soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Good day, all.
Well, I aint sure, but I do think I found a perfect host for my project, and BerliOS. They have all the features that I've needed and did not get at Savannah. The project can be found at:
I've already setup a mailing list, you can add bug reports and feature requests, there are forums, public ftp, Subversion AND CVS, PHP and MySQL, and other nifty things, including a WiKi :)
So far I am VERY pleased. Pay them a visit, very nifty and liberal place.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hosting woes

Arrgh! I am heavily irritated!
Savannah hosting proved itself to be a rather bad choice for me. There are several reasons for saying that:
  1. No mailing lists available
  2. Most cumbersome upload system which made me want to pull my hair out
  3. Un-working tasks system
  4. Odd way of managing a webpage
  5. No php/mysql to keep a normal webpage

Anyway, today I will sign up for BerliOS and see what they have to offer, then maybe move there. For now, Ive updated a link in PyPI to point to my old hosting, please you it, instead of Savannah, until I settle my hosting problems.

New PyQLogger release!

Theres a new version available: 1.2.1, which was planned to be just a bugfix release, but incorporated some really nice new features and changes aswell.
Here is a quote from changelog:
+ Added new version notification
+ Added icon to the window
* Changed taborder in wizard
+ Wrote first test case for AtomBlog (see blog for link)
+ Added export feature for posts
- Cleaned up the BG module. Less code now, no notify() method.
- Minor bugs fixed
* Changed the settings format. Its incompatible with previous version.
Sorry, but it was needed, since previous format did not allow the user to store list of posts for multiple blogs.
* Changed the UI to represent the ability to control multiple blogs

The 1.3 version will be next major update, with toolbar plugins

As usual the release can be found at Savannah and PyPI

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Savannah Project

I've decided that to keep track of all the crap I'm dumping into this project I'll need a CVS repository.
Usually I immidiatly think 'Sourceforge' when such thing arises, but since my last fiasco with them (I had to re-submit my project proposal two times for Shlogger, and it still got rejected, they require like 2 page project specification... What the heck? This stuff is for fun - let's keep it this way!) I was looking for other options.
I came across this place and in two days I had a project approved. And although they don't have shell access, they have all other perks like CVS, tracker and mailing lists. Suits me!

So the link is [here]

GMail new features

Google folks have been hard at work. To quote:
Some features we know you've wanted (and one we should have had all along):
  • Gmail Notifier Want to know if you've got new mail? Let us do the checking so you don't have to. Find out when new messages arrive, and even see their subjects, senders and snippets, all without having to open a web browser.
  • Search your contacts With the new and improved Contacts list, search for a contact as easily as you would a message in Gmail. Add notes and phone numbers. View messages directly from the Contacts list. Stay in touch with the people in your life more easily than ever before.
  • Automatic forwarding to another email account We're testing a new feature that lets you forward new incoming messages to any email account you want. It's free during the test and you can set it up in seconds. Even set up filters to forward only some of your messages. It's your mail. Get it the way you want it.
  • And finally... Save Drafts! For when you can't find the right words, save drafts and find them later.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Congratulations to me! :)
I didn't think this would happen, but it did - my blog had crossed the 1000 visitors landmark! Hurray!

Monday, October 04, 2004

PyQLogger v1.2

Ok. One more little update. Some more cleaning up. Here's a quote once more:
  1. Post editing is fixed
  2. Post publishing made async aswell
  3. Not mentioned in previous entry:
  4. The 'delete' button was removed from the form. Now deleteing a post is done thru popup menu on items.
  5. The 'new' button was moved to main toolbar instead of some unknown blank one :)
  6. License notice added to the modules
  7. XmlTramp was removed and now only FeedParser is used
Get it from PyPI

AtomBlog Unit test

The unit test for AtomBlog module can be found at this location
If anyone has suggestions on better way of unit-testing such online modules, step right up!

Friday, October 01, 2004

PyQLogger updated

I've made few beautifications to PyQLogger and prepared a proper (hopefully) release.
If anyone gets their hands on it please report if you had success using it.
Here's a quote from changelog:
Second try on the fist version.
  1. Modules moved to separated dir
  2. Added a script to correctly execute the app
  3. Fixed and improved the packaging
  4. Included the GPL license
  5. Added WhatsThis to most of GUI items
  6. Added accelerators to most items
  7. Fixed some major fuckups in the code
  8. Prepared translation file. (though it's not used yet)