Thursday, September 30, 2004

Some PyThoughts

After releasing PyQLogger I've reached the following conclusions:
  • Python community is very active. The release had drawn 200 hits to my blog in one day, wheres my Shlogger release on GotDotNet brought one person :) This is very comforting and encouraging
  • None of the people who came to the blog (or snached the release from PyPI) have actually tried using it :) Or maybe they tried, failed, and didn't care enough to report bugs to me. How do I know that? Well, after coming home, and reopening the release, I realized that there were about 5 very critical bugs, and few annoying ones. Plus I forgot to make a normal startup file, so the users had to guess and execute MainForm_Impl. Very unproffesional on my side, but it was just a first try. (not only at packaging. this is really my first Python program and first ever GUI program under Linux)
  • Coding is fun, getting response for your work is even more fun - too bad that didn't happen.
  • In next two days I'll prepare a cleaner, proper release 1.1 with all the fixes.
  • Thanks to David Boddie from PyKDE mailing list, I will provide a more fine-tuned Syntax Highlighting aswell. I've dropped QScintilla to minimize dependancies as much as possible. (I'm still dreaming on porting this thing back to *NDOWS)

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