Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Mono is dull

Yeah, ok, I knew this would happen... To quote my self:

 This is very ambitious since I haven't written a single app in Gtk, but this could be a nice challenge. Most likely my enthusiasm will die down soon, but it's worth a shot.

So anyway, I've wrote like 10 pages of Mono/Gtk/Glade/Linux/Windows tutorial with all the details that I've came across and the just said to my self - FUCK IT.

  • It's not interesting.
  • Not exciting.
  • Very bad for mental health.
  • And why the hell am I doing it?

I am officially off Mono. Until it's a complete port of .NET over to Linux, I am NOT touching it. That's it.

The tutorial plan is off, and I viciously removed Mono from all my PCs, and it felt... Well, rather liberating

But, since I cannot stay with no project at hand, I threw myself at Python. It's a very interesting alternative to my all-time favorite Perl. It allow to write a very neat and clean code, has very object oriented design, and (a BIG plus for me) has a nifty set of IDEs and toolkits created for it. Anyway, right now I am porting Perl's module Term::Shell to Python. They have a similar module in the distribution called but it's very function-limited and doesn't have all the features of the latter. So I've converted all the code (I like learning new languages this way) and now busy bug-squashing

So, expect more from me, rambling on this new toy of mine

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