Sunday, August 15, 2004

I'm Stereo (Not MONO)

OK. Apparently I overestimated myself (as usual). There are some things that mortal men cannot archive - for example : writing a full-blown application with MONO and current GUI toolkits for it.  In past two days I've crawled through numerous projects: wx.NET , Gtk# , UIML.Net and even #Fox. The latter two are out of the question because I am just not willing to design a complete application by hand with no GUI Designer at hand. No, thank you . The wx.NET is not appealing for me because of two reasons: 

  1. It's way too much like MFC. It's previous century! Why the heck would anyone want to use MACROS for events? It's 2004 for crying out loud!
  2. The wxDesigner. The most cumbersome GUI editor I've ever seen! Un-bearable! And to top it off, it's also missing a XYSizer, and allows only Grid like form designing, which is not so suitable for most things.

So, what's left? Gtk# . It seems like the most flexible and the most developed out of the bunch. But still, using GLADE to develop a cute looking app is just too overwhelming task for me.

So, dropping the whole cross-platform idea? Yes, and no. I will not rewrite Shlogger for Mono. Not until they come up with System.Windows.Forms support. BUT. What I am planning to do is the following: while I've been cruising the web for Gtk# information I came to a very sad conclusion: there's really little of it! The only thing that can be referenced as a good source is MONO Handbook. It has a lot of examples ready and waiting to be pasted into the code. Another interesting thing I found was this Ray's blog which had some interesting GLADE info. You might want to check it out. So I though - how about giving something back for a change  ? So what I will do is write a complete tutorial on creating a cross platform application using C#, Mono, GTK# and GLADE. The topic for application that I've selected is Comics Fetcher. Yes, I know, VERY original, but what the heck? Anyhow, I will probably be getting back to programing under Linux soon, so the cross-platform thingie will be tested there as well.

OK. Enough rambling for now, let's get back to business!

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