Monday, August 09, 2004

Html Component

Oki doki. I did a big rewrite today, due to the fact that I've got rid of the old HtmlControl that I've used (it was a Microsoft example component). Apparently .NET GOD named Lutz Roeder already made a WAY better component for this! It can be found here. It does all that I've needed (cursor positioning and even notifications) and some more. Plus it has it's own Native wrapper, so I won't have to bundle the Interop DLLs now.

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with progress today, the Shlogger is getting along quite nicely. What else... Yes, I've submited request to SourceForge to approve the project, so I'll setup the CVS repository tomorrow or so.

Ah, there seems to be some horrid bug in the ToolStrip implementation (except the one that i've mentioned earlier about shortcuts) which is - when the buttons are hidden in the right-hand dropdown and clicked, the ItemClicked event is notfired! wtf x 2!

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