Wednesday, July 28, 2004


 Async is complete! Works like a charm :) I implemented it with BackgroundWorker class. Very nice. Now the only irritating thing left is this screwy Html Editor. I'll try to think on what to do with it when I get back from my trip.

Oh, I didn't mention it? ;) Anyhow, tomorrow me and my girl are leaving from London and then Dublin for like a week.

More progress will be after I return. (I plan to open a workspace to host all the miny project i babled about)


Ferreus said...

Have a nice trip dude...

P.S: Didn't know that you live in london ;)
I thought more like Middle East :)

"From London to Lisbon
And all points between
Find people to lean on
And one man to please
We all need someone
We all need something
We all need?..."

Sir Reflog said...

Ha ha. Very funny ;)
Anyway, the word is RAT , not RuT. I thought a fan like you should've known that.
cheers vovy.