Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sauce Reader Update

Ok. :) Now maybe not everything is lost for Shlogger. Apparently SauceReader will have to join the group of other apps i tried to work with. For now I've seen two problems with it:

1st. it inserts unneeded line breaks in the post - it's seen in previous post.

2nd. it's not async. the programers were prolly as lazy as me ;)


Synop said...

Sauce Reader inserts only (p) tags around each paragraph (or (div) if you started the post with those). If when writing you add an extra blank line between paragraphs it will insert a (br/) as well. If you switch to Code mode while writing you can see what has been inserted.

Also, Sauce Reader supports full offline posting and editing. It will synchronise your posts later. Just try switching to offline mode (File -> Work Offline).

Don't want to discourage you from your project, but wanted to make sure SR is working how you'd expect :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Sir Reflog said...

Woohoo, someone discovered my blog :)
Hi there!
First of all - You've made a VERY sweet looking app - my respects! :)
Now, there are three more things that were kinda discouraging about it:
1st. the screen update flicker. the main window, after restoring form tray is VERY slow... i wonder if you could tweak it? I'm using RssBandit now, with much more subscribed feeds, and it refreshes quite more swiftly.
2nd. am i missing something, or is there a comments/threads/follow-ups feature in it?
3rd. for some reason, when reading my own blog in it (it's Atom feed) all the titles are lost, and instead of them i see the first line of the post. why is thar?

thanks for you response.