Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Ok. Some more progress info:

  1. plugin architecture added. shamelessly stolen from DaSPoof project. (which in turn was stolen from RssBandit ;) )
  2. i hate references . Why? because of the following scenario: I have a dll which contains an IEditorExtension interface. What I want to do is to allow creation of new dlls which would reference only this one. Now, in the main app I have some Dll loader class, which iterates thru .dll in plugins\ dir, and tries to load them thru IsAssignableFrom. But here's the catch. When you do 'Build Solution' the EditorExtender.dll get's build in the Debug dir, all the extensions referenced to it get built in Debug\plugins , and the EditorExtender.dll get's also copied there. Why? I don't know. Why do i care? Because when there are two same dlls, the closest is picked, but it's not the one that plugins reference to! So the whole plugin mechanizm get's fucked. Pardon my french.
  3. about smiley plugin - how dumb am I ??? What smileys?? And put their pictures where exacly? never mind, i've droped the Miranda theme idea ; what i WILL do is make a simple xml-theme format like this:
  4. <smiley>
  5. <image url = "" />
    <description>bla bla</description> <pattern>;-)</pattern> <!---- this will be used from smiley recognition at some point ----!>

  6. now, the user will be able to upload to some host the smiley images, and just use them from Shlogger.
  7. Another plugin that i'm making is for ImageArk. It's a kickass service that allow free upload of images. Fast and simple. I'll add a 'Insert Image the ImageArk' option.
Ok. Reflog - out.

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