Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Ok. For now here's the list of things I fiddle with, or plan to.

  1. DaSPoof - remake of all the ideas behind QuickSpoof, ZSpoof and Spooph. Written in c# 2.0 . For now works quite fine, except two things - searching and better tabbed browsing. I'll post more info about it at some other point
  2. Site2Feed - a concept project that will allow to setup a local little server that will visit selected sites, parse them, turn content into RSS feeds, and then serve them on local HTTP server. Created when i realized that i get pissed to always visit SuprNova with it's bulky design, after i use my RSS reader... For now it works , but very un-extendeble. The idea is to make Provider interface for making plugins, and make a default Regex based plugin.
  3. Editor# - Yeah, i know, very original name :) Anyhow, this was a project for the college (C# course). It's a simple mini-mini IDE for C#. Supports IntelliSense with live code parsing (SharpRefactory Used), and Reflection dll loading and parsing. VERY slow, but works.
  4. Reflector extension - i am fiddling with the idea of turning Reflector into something more useful for patching DLL files. What i need so far is two things: in ILASM mode display the HEX codes for each command, and per request display a physical offset inside the DLL file for some method/class, etc.
  5. WBEditor extesion - this proggy seems very nice, but it would be nice to have a Smily plugin. I plan on making one, using XEP format from Miranda.
  6. SharpReader/RSSBandit extension - the idea is to make something like my Site2Feed, but built inside one of this proggies. I need to check which one is more extendeble for this feature...

ok. now that was a long post! ;)

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