Wednesday, July 28, 2004


 Async is complete! Works like a charm :) I implemented it with BackgroundWorker class. Very nice. Now the only irritating thing left is this screwy Html Editor. I'll try to think on what to do with it when I get back from my trip.

Oh, I didn't mention it? ;) Anyhow, tomorrow me and my girl are leaving from London and then Dublin for like a week.

More progress will be after I return. (I plan to open a workspace to host all the miny project i babled about)

html blues

Arghh! This HtmlEditor component is very unsettling! The most useful functionality, like textchanged events, cursos placement, and text replacement are not implemented!

Maybe i should drop the WYSIWYG ide and go to straight Html editing? I wonder...

Btw, I am trying to post this in async mode.. Let's see how it goes.


Ok. Some more progress info:

  1. plugin architecture added. shamelessly stolen from DaSPoof project. (which in turn was stolen from RssBandit ;) )
  2. i hate references . Why? because of the following scenario: I have a dll which contains an IEditorExtension interface. What I want to do is to allow creation of new dlls which would reference only this one. Now, in the main app I have some Dll loader class, which iterates thru .dll in plugins\ dir, and tries to load them thru IsAssignableFrom. But here's the catch. When you do 'Build Solution' the EditorExtender.dll get's build in the Debug dir, all the extensions referenced to it get built in Debug\plugins , and the EditorExtender.dll get's also copied there. Why? I don't know. Why do i care? Because when there are two same dlls, the closest is picked, but it's not the one that plugins reference to! So the whole plugin mechanizm get's fucked. Pardon my french.
  3. about smiley plugin - how dumb am I ??? What smileys?? And put their pictures where exacly? never mind, i've droped the Miranda theme idea ; what i WILL do is make a simple xml-theme format like this:
  4. <smiley>
  5. <image url = "" />
    <description>bla bla</description> <pattern>;-)</pattern> <!---- this will be used from smiley recognition at some point ----!>

  6. now, the user will be able to upload to some host the smiley images, and just use them from Shlogger.
  7. Another plugin that i'm making is for ImageArk. It's a kickass service that allow free upload of images. Fast and simple. I'll add a 'Insert Image the ImageArk' option.
Ok. Reflog - out.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sauce Reader Update

Ok. :) Now maybe not everything is lost for Shlogger. Apparently SauceReader will have to join the group of other apps i tried to work with. For now I've seen two problems with it:

1st. it inserts unneeded line breaks in the post - it's seen in previous post.

2nd. it's not async. the programers were prolly as lazy as me ;)

Sauce Reader


As always with most of my project, it seems that i've been rushing things...

I've came across SauceReader today, which seems to be a VERY nice app for reading RSS, but it also includes a blogging module which is VERY nice, and seems to be quite like my Shlogger ;)

I'll give it a run, istead of my RssBandit, see how it goes.

But I do still plan to continue on Shlogger, coz it's just way too fun :)

What else... Ah, i've decided to add some plugin architecture to Shlogger, which would allow adding items to HtmlEditor toolbar, like 'Add Smiley', or 'Check Spelling'

For spelling i plan to use NetSpell


Saturday, July 24, 2004

Shlogger v2

Here's some progress on Shlogger project:

All the base functionality is there: Loggin in, fetching posts feed, posting new items, editing existing items, saving some items for draft, WYSIWYG html editing...

Actually, I am posting this in shlogger right now ;)

Anyhow, the main thing that i've left for last is the async gui updates, which is still quite vague to me.

Ok, enough for today, I gotta study for the exam anyway :)


This is Shlogger. Ok. I haven't talked about this one... It's a concept project I whipped in one day to see how the Atom API works. The thing is, like every coder I'm vain. I've went thru like 4-5 bloggin apps and each one had something i didn't really like. So I've said what the heck :) I've fetched HtmlEditor example from Microsoft, an Atomizer class and made this little baby.
Actually I'm rather excited about it, it's rather fun to code.

Friday, July 23, 2004


This is DaSPoof. What we have here is main  toolbar that allows loading spoof collections from different sources (provider dlls). I already made Xml, QuickSpoof and ShitForBrains Spooph providers. Each collection can be converted to another one. The second toolbar is for quick spoof entry, and the third on is for controlling the tabbed browser on the bottom, as well as adding some spoofs as favorites.


Ok. This is Site2Feed. On the left is the list of currently collected sites, on the right are all the settings, on the bottom is the log (collapsable). Settings are presented thru PropertyGrid, which I really got to use and like... That's about it for now. The interface is simplistic, it minimizes to tray and fetches the sites in background thread process.
Today i'll post some screenshots of the projects I was babbling about, in case anyone's interested :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

For those interested in Visual Studio 2003 stuff, this is a must visit: RE: Announcing:Coolest Add-in Contest - Entries available for download
Coding Contest: Coolest/most useful VS.Net Add-in or Macro
Announcing the Add-in Contest site:
[Via ISerializable]


Ok. For now here's the list of things I fiddle with, or plan to.

  1. DaSPoof - remake of all the ideas behind QuickSpoof, ZSpoof and Spooph. Written in c# 2.0 . For now works quite fine, except two things - searching and better tabbed browsing. I'll post more info about it at some other point
  2. Site2Feed - a concept project that will allow to setup a local little server that will visit selected sites, parse them, turn content into RSS feeds, and then serve them on local HTTP server. Created when i realized that i get pissed to always visit SuprNova with it's bulky design, after i use my RSS reader... For now it works , but very un-extendeble. The idea is to make Provider interface for making plugins, and make a default Regex based plugin.
  3. Editor# - Yeah, i know, very original name :) Anyhow, this was a project for the college (C# course). It's a simple mini-mini IDE for C#. Supports IntelliSense with live code parsing (SharpRefactory Used), and Reflection dll loading and parsing. VERY slow, but works.
  4. Reflector extension - i am fiddling with the idea of turning Reflector into something more useful for patching DLL files. What i need so far is two things: in ILASM mode display the HEX codes for each command, and per request display a physical offset inside the DLL file for some method/class, etc.
  5. WBEditor extesion - this proggy seems very nice, but it would be nice to have a Smily plugin. I plan on making one, using XEP format from Miranda.
  6. SharpReader/RSSBandit extension - the idea is to make something like my Site2Feed, but built inside one of this proggies. I need to check which one is more extendeble for this feature...

ok. now that was a long post! ;)


I always thought that if typing your name in google doesn't bring any result, then something is wrong with the world :)

Anyhow, now there will be another piece of garbage information stored on the planes of the web with my name tag on it...

The stuff that will be posted here will have no sense or purpose, just a dump for thoughts.